About Trike Design

We have 3 modern and extensively equipped workshop facilities and an excellent Team to provide Servicing and Fitting on all types of American, Japanese and European Motorcycles. We also offer all types of Engineering Work, Chopper Building and any type of custom work, in addition to our Trike Building and Adaptation work.


Myself (Hank) and Robin Davies have worked together for over 40 years building lots of cutting-edge Machines, many of which are ground-breaking, one-off vehicles.  They have been featured in many Magazines, TV Programmes, including Top Gear, which was a major achievement as they rarely feature bikes!, Museum Exhibitions (i.e Bike Art) and have won numerous awards. Robin’s fabrication talents, and our joint forward thinking designs ensure that custom motorbikes and trikes continue to evolve into the future.


You dream it, we’ll tell you if it’s feasible.


UK Specification


My trikes feature a tried and tested independent rear suspension design, handle beautifully – one hand steering, so comfortable, sticks to the road like something off a blanket, makes you feel confident, safe and secure. The chain drive diff works very well – it works really well with O ring Heavy Duty chains. You’ll throw a party if you have to adjust the chains from one month to the next. Very strong – last ages.


True Story


Robin and I designed this style of backend a few years ago now. We were wondering how to mount the shocks. We were sat up Robin’s house watching qualifying for a Formula 1 Grand Prix when Damon Hill came into the pits. They took off a front cover. We both pointed at the screen at the same time and shouted that’s it – we’ll lay them down, working off the ‘A’frame – so we did.


The rest is everyone else’s history