trike disabled adaption for wheelchairs
wheel chair adapted trike

Reverse Gear and Disabled Adaptions

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I would like to thank NABD for all their help in providing me with grant assistance for the adaptions.

Side Mount Wheelchair Rack

Wheelchair adaptions for Trikes.

Side Mount Wheel Chair Rack

Side Mount
side mount wheel chair rack for wheel chair adapted trikes

Other examples of our Wheel Chair Trike work

wheelchair trike example work
trike wheel chair hand controls

Hand Controls



Fully Automatic Trike with only hand controls and easy access step

Reverse gear – it’s easy…


We are proud to have done a deal with an American company for their reverse gear design. It replaces the trap door on all 5 & 6 speed evo, twin cam and M8. The belt drive remains unchanged and the components from this company fit inside the existing 5 & 6 speed box. Only visual difference is a small lever to select reverse. Available now, a real bonus for a Harley big twin trike.
From neutral / clutch-in / shift gear / clutch-out / you’re backed out!
reverse gear trike

Disabled Adaptions

This is Bob Everitt’s bike. Here’s what he wrote in Open House, the NABD magazine, in Autumn 2002. Due to an accident in 1984 I lost my right arm, paralysed my right leg and smashed up my knee.  I saw a program on Sky TV about trikes (not the big VW ones but the ‘bike trikes’ as I would call them.)



As soon as I saw them I knew I could ride one, so I got on the web and got searching and I was gob smacked to find out what I have been missing out on all this time.

I travelled many miles to see all the different models and the different ways the axles and seat arrangements could be done.
I realised that the most important aspect of a trike was the build quality.

After seeing lots of trikes I finally decided on a company called Trike Design (just off the A470) near Cardiff. They, Hank and Robin, only build trikes and they are real perfectionists.

I decided on the style of trike I wanted and it took about four fittings to make it just right for me. Fortunately thay had an NABD rep doing some work there and he was a great help.
They put the throttle on the left-hand side, the front and rear brakes were linked together on the left foot pedal, the clutch remained where it was.

I also had footplates fitted and a Klicktronic gear-changer kit.

The trike handles great, it took a bit of getting used to go around islands as the steering gets a bit heavy but I like the very positive feel to the steering.

The brakes are as good as any bike or car I have driven, they fitted a boyas to balance the brakes and are very easy to adjust to suit your style of riding.

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