Harley Davidson Brooklands trikes  – examples of Full Bodied and our new Sport Versions

Our Brooklands Sport give you the same fully independent rear suspension unit and new parts as our Standard Brooklands conversion. Both Brooklands have a lockable boot with room for 2 full face helmets which is a great storage space on a trike. The Sport style is ‘lighter and sleeker’ in look with smaller mudguards, separate from the body but you still have the same size boot for storage. Both can be fitted with a rack and/or topbox as can seen in the photos.

A Harley Davidson Sportster Brooklands Sport with optional extras including a chrome bumper and chopped topbox with padded pillion pad.


An other Harley Davidson Sportster Brooklands Sport with optional extras including a chopped topbox and batwing fairing.



The Brooklands Full Body Experience

Harley davidson trikes for sale uk - brooklands trikeHarley trikes for sale uk brooklands side view










Only a few companies produce a full bodied Trike, and we wanted to produce the best in the UK.  We decided to develop our own after taking a long look at the competition and embarked on a project to improve them in Construction, Design, Reliability and Style.

We chose the Iconic Brooklands Title as we wanted people to relate to and recognise Great British Automotive Excellence. The modular Design is a first!
By this we mean the main Body is moulded separately to the Mudguards resulting in a more rigid construction and the ability to replace any damaged components separately without the expense of changing the whole Body. This philosophy was adopted so we can offer different models with upgraded wheels and styles by changing the shape of the mudguards in the future.
Another Advantageous point of our Conversion is the superior boot size!

Other Trikes boot size is limited due to the excessive size of the differential and live axle components but our independent rear end allows for greater storage area. Our design remit was big enough for two full face helmets and some, plus we have the additional luggage options available.

We all have dreams and aspirations when considering Cars, Motorcycles and travel – some are fulfilled and some are re-found.
Many people yearn to ride a motorcycle but find the fear and physical nature of moving around a big motorcycle prohibitive.
That is one of many reasons why we Build Trikes.

You will get the ‘wind in your hair and flies in your teeth’ from smiling your way down the road in comfort and style. Your Brooklands Trike can fulfil many of these dreams and can take you to another place! Be prepared to stand out in the crowd and enjoy a totally new driving experience!


WHY ? Trike Designs Anti Roll Adjustable Independent Rear Suspension System

Advantages of Independent with anti roll :-

Trike Design has put years of development into its rear axle designs and are the leading manufacturer of Independent Suspension Trikes,
The Brooklands is equipped with this tried and tested design which gives unparalleled ride quality and road holding.

The independent nature of the axle allows for the wheels to follow the contours of the road whilst keeping the changes in the centre of gravity to a minimum. Additionally, we have developed the Anti Roll system to stabilise the leaning effect that often accompanies live axle Trikes, particularly on European roads with adverse cambers, pot holes and bumps.
We have selected suspension to be fully adjustable for preload and damping to set up to your preferences whether you are riding for daily pleasure or planning a fully loaded road trip!

Harley davidson Brooklands trike

How does Independent with Anti Roll compare to Live Axle

Like many earlier car designs, live rigid axle Trike conversions are often basic.
They are mounted to the original motorcycle frame at the swinging arm position using the standard shock absorber and mounting points.
The original motorcycles were not specifically designed to carry the extra weight at these points and specifically the lateral forces generated by a Trike. This can result in an adverse effect, axle chatter, flexing and a feeling of float in the rear end thus effecting the stability and overall confidence of the rider.
The philosophy of Trike Design’s independent rear end is to build a Strong Sub Frame which remains rigid with the motorcycle frame and for the suspension arms to mount inline with the rear axle, thus not generating up and down movement or flex from the pivot point of the vehicle, but over the wheels to keep in contact with the road at all times



Trike Designs Adjustable Independent Anti Roll System results in the best Ride Quality and Road Holding for Motorcycle-Trike Conversions